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JULY 12-16
9:00 AM - 12:30 PM


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A long, long time ago, dinosaurs roamed the face of the earth. This summer, they are back at Real Life Church for Kids Con 2022. This year at Kids Con, kids will be digging for truth in scriptures. Kids will dig through the Bible to reveal that the places, teachings, and people of the Bible are true.


Every day kids will enter into a Jurassic environment and become Paleontologists searching for some of the most mysterious creatures that have ever walked the face of God’s great earth. We open up with our Worship rally, where kids will sing and dance and get introduced to our daily bible lesson. Kids will meet our in-house Paleontologist and his friends and hear many of his lame jokes about dinosaurs!


Once a day, kids will spend time with other kids of the same grade; they will engage with the Bible lesson on a more personal level. In each small group will illustrate, teach, and bring to life the Bible story for each day. This time will send the kids home roaring with the truths of the Bible.


Kids will have fun putting their snacks together each day. The snack will be prepared by our Chef Oui Oui (Wee-Wee) well, that’s if his monster friends don’t destroy his kitchen and eat the snack before he shows the kids how to put their snack together. Don’t worry; we have backup chefs just in case!
Each day kids will have fun at our rotations stations, which will draw kids in and have them digging, racing, building, creating, and so much more. These rotations are each designed with S.T.E.M (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics) in mind, along with a lot more fun!!!


Kids Con registration includes an awesome t-shirt for each child registered, a daily snack, memories, and fun! Register your child today to secure a spot at Kids Con Jurassic Dig.

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