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Our Mission & Values

At Real Life Church, we have this radical belief that life is simply better when we live it on mission with Jesus Christ. Everyone is welcome here, because everyone matters to God.

Our mission is to cultivate a life-giving community that connects people to Jesus to lead like him.


We start with people right where they are. No one here is perfect, and no one is expected to be. We want to point people to Jesus and help them take their next step in their relationship with Him.


Our mission is why Real Life Church exists. Because that is who we are, this is what we do . . . 

We Love Extravagantly.

  • Jesus is our passion | Jesus is at the heart of all we are and all we do. Our passion is expressed in how we live and the way we worship.

  • People are our priority | Caring about people goes beyond words or borders. We show grace, give compassion and do life with all. 

  • Generosity is our lifestyle | We are privileged to give our time, talents and treasures. Our generosity moves from neighborhoods to nations.

  • We are family | We build communities not crowds. Our relationships go beyond Sunday. We support and believe the best about each other.


We Grow Intentionally. 

  • Jesus is our goal | We strive to be like Christ. Becoming like Him makes us better in every area of our lives. 

  • We are better together | Becoming our best only happens in community. We need each other.

  • Mentoring is our method | Investing in others is our responsibility. We are committed to developing individuals and families. 

  • We are a multiplying community | We don’t maintain, we multiply. As long as people need redemption, we are not done. 


We Lead Courageously.

  • Jesus is our model | Jesus led through bold service and sacrifice. We must do the same.

  • We develop leaders in every generation | You are never too young to lead or too old to contribute. We will equip and empower all people to lead in every sphere of life.

  • Our city is our responsibility | Because we love our city, we will lead in our community. We are not limited to a building. 

  • We get to go first | We are the change we want to see. We are the first to love, give and serve. We don’t simply talk, we do.

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