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We are so thrilled that you joined us. There are many things you could have been doing, so it is an honor that you chose to be with us. You are very important to us, which is why we designed this gift with you in mind. Enjoy it and let it be a reminder of God’s love for you. On the other side of this card, you will find our mission and values so you can understand our heartbeat. We’d love to see you again soon!

So, what's next?

We know coming to a new church can feel overwhelming. We hope to make it easy for you to connect and grow. Here are two great places to start: (1) Share a meal with Real Life staff and leaders at our Newcomer’s Lunch, and (2) Grow Track, which helps you discover our values, your pathway for growth, and how to make a difference. Click below to find out more info about these upcoming events:

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